Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Happy Pop 開心爆米花

The Happy Pop family is my latest character creation.
Popcorn is a popular snack food in cinema or even can find it at fun fair or sport event.
It always appear in places bringing us happiness and great entertain.
That's why i called it " The Happy Pop".
I use these character to create some accessories,
which can use as necklace or brooch.

Mito is a non sweetened with caramel popcorn
and he like to wear bow tie.

Mina is mito best friends,
she also a non sweetened with caramel popcorn too.

Mika is Mito father,
he is a sweetened with caramel popcorn

Miya is Mito mother,
she is a non sweetened with caramel popcorn.
she like to wear a flower on her head

Milly is mito sister,
she is a naughty sweetened with caramel popcorn.
you can always find naughty expression on her face.


And also some hanging deco

(handmade by teeny)


  1. 这个一个多少钱??

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